larsawn … more than just a sawmill. A popular saying at Larsen Sawmilling sums up the business perfectly – ‘More that just a Sawmill’. Not only do we supply the Larsawn Manufactured products – dog kennels and runs, gates, outside toilets, garden planters, BBQ tables and gazebo’s to name a few featured on this web site, but we can custom make to your requirements. Our posts, strainers, poles and half round rail stocks are the largest in town. We like to sell dry material where possible. Dry material is easier and cheaper to transport, to handle and doesn’t corrode wire, nails, staples etc the same as unseasoned material. We also stock timber posts and gates, staples, nails, wire, steel gates and gate hardware, electric fencing gear, culverts, alkathene fittings, water tanks, troughs and dog tucker to complete the shopping list. We also have a Mahoe Sawmill and Timber Treatment Plant on site to take care of those trees that are too good for firewood. We can provide a complete sawmilling service – from log to useable timber. We supply predominately rough sawn timber however we have the ability to process timber to your requirements – dress, size and cut to length. We supply three grades of treated timber, H3.2 for use when exposed to the weather but not in contact with the ground e.g. decking boards, fence palings. H4 for use when exposed to weather and in ground contact e.g. fence posts or landscaping timber. H5 for use when exposed to weather and in ground to a critical point e.g. house piles and poles and retaining walls. We have a large rural turnover and help many a DIY’er with their supplies for fences, decks, retaining walls, landscaping or any other building project, or the avid gardener’s supply of planters, pegs, stakes, battens and even a potting table. ‘If you can’t, won’t or don’t want to, we can and will do it for you’. Cheers, John Finalist in the Westpac Gisborne Business Excellent Awards 2012