timber treatment

Our timber or your timber- you decide.

We have been treating timber for 25+ years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Bigger and better...new 5 foot diameter, 12m length timber treatment plant.

We CCA treat all shapes and sizes of sawn timber to hazard classes H3 and H4 (photo of treated timber).

The timber treatment plant is also set up to treat plywood.

timber milling

CCA Treated Wood

CCA treated wood is an environmentally friendly material.

When you select CCA treated wood you not only build projects that last, you invest in the conservation of our forest resources.

CCA treated wood will last much longer than it takes replacement trees to be grown and converted into wooden products.

The CCA treating process extends the life of wood requiring fewer trees to be cut. To achieve long life the wood is pressure treated with a preservative to resist decay and insect attack.

Fully accredited licensee of the New Zealand Timber Preservation Council's WOODmark quality assurance programme for treated timber. In plain English, this is your assurance of timber treatment quality.

Timber does not leave our site until the CCA is fully fixed within the timber and completely safe for all your needs.

Treatment plant

Timber inside treatment plant

Larsen Sawmilling Treatment Plant
Larsen Sawmilling Treatment Plant

Coming soon...

Timber milling

Milling Timber at Larsen Sawmilling